Arabians Of Secret Creek

Emeer El Jamaal

Emeer El Jamaal JG
(Ryad El Jamaal x LC Espagna)

2010 Grey Colt

Simply Perfection..  one of the most exciting young colts, representing the Jamaal dynasty, to be revealed in a generation!

Scottsdale Auction Championship - Top Ten colts!!



Scottsdale Auction Futurity
Iowa Gold Star Auction Futurity

U.S. & Canadian National Futurities
Minnesota Medallion
Silver Sire Futurity





Ryad El Jamaal Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
Roxana Elshaklan El Shaklan
Rose Of Cameo

LC Espagna

Legacy of Fame Legacy of Gold
Fames Elegance C
LC Daknah LC Darius



Emeer El Jamaal

Emeer El Jamaal

2010 Ryad El Jamaal Colt