Arabians Of Secret Creek

Jewell Al Adeed JGJewell Al Adeed JG
(*Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Trevs Jewell)

2008 Grey Filly

Extreme Egyptian Type, Large expressive Eyes and the Bold animated Motion of her dam.. a Magical outcross, honoring the Finest in desirable Conformation.



U.S. & Canadian National Futurities
Egyptian Sired Futurity
California Futurity
Silver Sire Futurity
Nor-Cal Futurity





Al Adeed Al Shaqab Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer
Ansata Rosetta Ansata Shah Zaman
Ansata Bint Burka

Trevs Jewell

PFC Trevallon Magnum Psyche
Beaus Dancer NV Beau Bey
My Raven

Jewell Al Adeed JG

Jewell Al Adeed JG