Bint Gypsy Rose  1987-2010

In the early spring morning of April 16th, 1987.. a uniquely beautiful new life drew her first fragile breath, and opened her soft sparkling eyes, to survey and behold the strange new world before her.

One of the earliest daughters of Ali Jamaal.. Bint Gypsy Rose came to define the remarkable beauty and enduring fascination that would become synonymous with her Sire.

First introduced to the National stage in 1991 with Shawn Crews.. she instantly captured the hearts and admiration of all who encountered her. Gypsy's soft expressive eyes, porcelain doll face and statuesque beauty.. would continue to intoxicate us for many wonderful years to follow.

Amid the Oak laden foothills of Northern California, Gypsy pleasantly whiled away the twilight of her years.. in the warm company of her four legged pasture mates, and the loving care of her devoted family; leaving a legacy of beautiful young daughters to honor her memory.

Bint Gypsy Rose drew her last fragile breath, and closed those soft sparkling eyes in the early fall morning of October 21st, 2010; and like royalty before us.. proud and dignified to the last moments of her extraordinary life!

Gypsy belonged to all of us.. as she embodied the majestic beauty, shrewd intelligence, enduring spirit and heartfelt kindness of the Arabian breed. The Arabian horse world has truly lost an iconic mare this day; and for all of those who were touched by her.. a very beloved friend.

Bint Gypsy Rose will be dearly missed.. but never forgotten.

Jerry Garcia and Family

Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
Heritage Memory El Magato
Heritage Labelle
AR Gypsy Rose Flaby Supreme Nabiel+/
Hi-Fashion Timye
Bint Aahaza Gamaar


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